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What other information must be published?

An agency must publish on their website:

  • details of their structure (for example, an organisational chart)
  • details of their functions, including their decision-making powers and other powers affecting the public
  • details of statutory appointments
  • their annual reports
  • details of consultations for the public to comment on specific policy proposals
  • information in documents that the agency routinely gives access to in response to requests under the FOI Act
  • information that they routinely give to the Australian Parliament
  • details of an officer(s) who can be contacted about access to the agency’s documents under the FOI Act
  • their operational information (information that helps the agency exercise their functions or powers to make decisions or recommendations that affect the public, such as their rules, guidelines, practices and precedents about those decisions or recommendations)

An agency may publish other information, apart from the above information. For example, statistical information that researchers or the public would find useful.

Complaints about the IPS

If you have any questions, complaints, comments or suggestions about our Information Publication Scheme you can use our online enquiry form.  Alternatively you can download and complete our Compliments or complaints about our service form.

Guidance on IPS

The Information Publication Scheme (IPS) makes agencies, with some exceptions, publish on their website certain information they hold, as well as an information publication plan. The IPS encourages agencies to be open and transparent, and consider publishing information that they aren’t obliged to publish.

The published information must be accurate, up to date and complete. You may find it on an agency’s website by looking for the IPS icon or searching for ‘freedom of information’ or ’IPS’.

The IPS doesn’t require an agency to publish information exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) or is prohibited from being released under other laws.

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