International student complaints

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Complaints we can look into

We can look into complaints from international students who are currently studying, previously studied, or are planning to study with private education providers on a student visa.

Issues we can look into include:

  • course fees and refunds
  • transfers between courses or providers
  • intention to report to Home Affairs for unsatisfactory course progress or attendance
  • cancellation of enrolment
  • deferment and suspension of studies
  • incorrect advice given by an education agent
  • refusing admission to a course
  • your private education provider’s handling of your complaint or appeal, including complaints about: 
    • grades and assessments
    • academic misconduct decisions
  • Overseas Student Health Cover.

Complaints we cannot look into

There are some issues we cannot help with. These include complaints about:

  • public education providers, such as TAFEs, public primary and secondary (high) schools, and most universities
  • the academic merit of your grade or mark for an assessment task
  • bullying, harassment or behaviour of other students
  • problems from students on visas other than a student visa (subclass 500), such as professional year courses Graduate visa holders (subclass 476 and 485)
  • discrimination
  • privacy
  • quality of teaching
  • qualifications and experience of teachers
  • resources or equipment available at your provider
  • buildings and facilities at your provider.

Is your complaint about one of the things we can’t look into?

We have a list of other ombudsmen and agencies that may help you.

We have information for education providers.

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