Request a review of your complaint outcome

If after that you remain dissatisfied, you can ask us to review it. A request for review should be made in writing within three months of being told of our final decision.

Your request for review must clearly identify why you believe the original decision was wrong and provide any relevant supporting information or evidence.

The review manager does not grant every request for review. The review request must identify relevant grounds for review and be made in a timely fashion. Simply being unhappy with a decision or saying it is not fair is not normally a sufficient ground for a review.

If the review manager does grant your request for review, the review will be conducted by the review manager, or another experienced officer who was not involved in the original investigation of your complaint. The review will consider:

  • the process adopted by the investigating officer and whether it was fair and adequate to address all the complaint issues you raised,
  • the merit of the officer's conclusions, and
  • whether the investigating officer properly explained their decision to you.

The review officer may:

  • uphold the decision of the original investigation officer
  • change the decision of the original investigation officer
  • send the matter back to the original investigation officer or another officer for further investigation or better explanation.

The review officer will inform you of the outcome of the review.

We will only review a matter once.