Before you make a complaint

Before you make a complaint to us

  1. Contact the postal operator directly and attempt to resolve the issue by making a complaint. The postal operator must be given an opportunity to resolve the dispute first before our office can consider intervening in the dispute. Record the complaint reference number - we will need this if you need to complain to us later
  2. Allow the postal operator 10 business days to respond to your complaint. If you’re still waiting, call back and ask for a progress update.
  3. If you’re still unhappy with the postal operator’s attempts to resolve the issue, you can ask us to investigate.
  4. Make sure the postal operator involved is either Australia Post or one of the registered private postal operators listed here. We can only consider complaints against PIO member companies.
  5. If the dispute outcome complies with the terms and conditions for using the postal operator's service or product, we are unlikely to investigate the dispute. Read our FAQs on common postal complaints before lodging a complaint.
  6. Lodge a complaint with us via our online complaint form.


Around 90 per cent of all complaints are resolved by the providers through their complaints process, without the Ombudsman becoming involved. The provider takes your complaint seriously. If you're not happy with the outcome, contact us.