Postal industry complaints

Complaints we can look into 

We can look into complaints Australia Post and Star Track.

Issues we can look into include, but are not limited to:

  • lost or delayed letters
  • lost, damaged or delayed packages
  • parcel drop-off issues
  • incorrect mail redirection
  • roadside delivery problems
  • customer service or complaint handling
  • personal property damage, for example if a delivery contractor’s vehicle damages a fence
  • problems that occur if mail is late or lost, such as a fine for driving an unregistered vehicle (consequential loss)
  • services provided in an Australia Post retail outlet, including Licensed Post Offices (LPOs) such as retail products, bill payment, passport services and mailbox rental; and the actions of Australia Post staff, for example damage to property or misconduct.

Complaints we cannot look into

We cannot look into:

  • complaints that are not about a postal or similar service
  • complaints that are not about Australia Post or StarTrack
  • complaints where you did not complain to the postal operator within 12 months of the incident that led to the dispute
  • complaints where the matter is the subject of a court or tribunal hearing (unless special circumstances exist)
  • complaints from a postal operator complaining about another postal operator
  • complaints relating to employment related matters
  • complaints relating to the price of postal services or product pricing
  • complaints about unaddressed mail delivery (junk mail).

Is your complaint about one of the things we can’t look into?  Contact us for other agencies that may help you.

Is your complaint about one of the things we can’t look into?

We have a list of other ombudsmen and agencies that may help you.