Postal Industry Ombudsman

If a postal operator has treated you unfairly or unreasonably, we can help you find a solution.

Our service is free. We are independent and impartial, and do not represent consumers or postal operators.

We aim to ensure a quick complaint resolution process with fair outcomes for all involved.

The Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman can investigate complaints about the postal operators listed below:

  • Australia Post
  • StarTrack
  • Cheque-Mates
  • D and D Mailing Services

Complaints help us to identify potential issues at the systemic level.  If we identify systemic issues concerning a postal operator’s policies, procedures or systems, we will work with the postal operator involved. Where necessary, we may also work with the broader industry to fix the problem and generally improve services or administration.

NOTE: We consider the pricing of postal products and services a commercial decision which is open to the postal operator to make. Further information on pricing is available from the postal operator.

How we work:

First, we’ll decide if we can help you and then the best way to help resolve your complaint.

We do not normally investigate a complaint if you haven’t raised a formal complaint with the postal operator, or if the postal operator is still working on your complaint. If this is the case, and you are unable to approach the postal operator yourself, we may be able to assist by referring your complaint directly to the postal operator and ask them to contact you about your complaint.

If your complaint is not something we can assist with, we may provide contact information for an organisation we believe is best suited to deal with your complaint.

If we decide to investigate your complaint, we look at:

  • the law, including any applicable codes of practice
  • good administrative or industry practice
  • what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

We can recommend an outcome or action, but we are not a court or tribunal. We cannot direct a postal operator to take a particular action or decision.

We can assist if:

  • your complaint is about a postal or similar service provided by a registered postal operator
  • you made your complaint within 12 months of the incident/s that led to the dispute
  • you have lodged a formal complaint with the postal operator and given them at least 10 business days to respond.

We may also consider complaints about other non-postal services provided by Australia Post such as retail products purchased in store.

We cannot assist if:

  • your complaint about a private postal operator does not concern a postal or similar service
  • the complaint is about a postal operator who is not registered with the Ombudsman’s Office
  • the complaint is about something that happened before the postal operator registered with the Ombudsman’s Office
  • you have not complained within 12 months of the incident that led to the dispute
  • the matter is the subject of a court or tribunal hearing (unless special circumstances exist)
  • you are a postal operator complaining about another postal operator
  • the complaint relates to employment related matters
  • your complaint relates to the postal operators setting of product pricing.

If your complaint is about a postal operator that is not registered with the Ombudsman’s Office, you should first attempt to contact that postal operator directly using the details on their website.

There are consumer agencies in each state or territory that may be able to assist:

ACT – Access Canberra

NSW – NSW Fair Trading

NT – Northern Territory Consumer Affairs

QLD – Office of Fair Trading

SA – Consumer and Business Services

TAS – Consumer, Building and Occupational Services

VIC – Consumer Affairs Victoria

WA – Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

You can also contact the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for information about consumer rights and obligations.