Table of Contents

Transmittal letter



Chapter 1—Ombudsman's review

  • Introduction
  • Complaints
  • Compliance auditing
  • Promoting good administration
  • Engagement
  • Internal management
  • Year ahead

Chapter 2—The organisation

  • History and establishment
  • Role and functions
  • Organisation and structure
  • Outcome and output structure

Performance review

Chapter 3—Performance report

  • Introduction
  • Performance at a glance
  • Output 1—Review of administrative action
  • Output 2—Review of statutory compliance in specified areas

Chapter 4—Management and accountability

  • Corporate governance
  • External scrutiny
  • People management
  • Financial management
  • Information management and work practices

Chapter 5—Engagement

  • Introduction
  • Community engagement
  • Engagement with agencies
  • Review and research bodies
  • Cooperation with other Australian Government integrity agencies and complaint–handling agencies, and other Australian Ombudsmen
  • International cooperation and regional support

Oversight of Australian Government agencies

Chapter 6—Looking at the agencies

  • Introduction
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Centrelink
  • Child Support Agency
  • Defence
  • Education, employment and workplace relations
  • Immigration
  • Indigenous issues
  • Law enforcement
  • Postal industry
  • Other agencies
  • Freedom of information
  • Monitoring and inspections

Chapter 7—Helping people, improving government

  • Introduction
  • Remedies
  • Good administration
  • Administrative deficiency


Chapter 8—Ombudsmen—200 years of service

  • Introduction
  • Development of the office
  • Spreading around the world
  • The Ombudsman in Australia
  • Ombudsman model
  • Conclusion


Appendix 1—Freedom of information statement
Appendix 2—Presentations by staff
Appendix 3—Statistics
Appendix 4—Additional reporting on Postal Industry Ombudsman
Appendix 5—Consultancy services, advertising and market research
Appendix 6—Agency resource statement and resources for outcomes
Appendix 7—Financial statements


List of tables and figures
Abbreviations and acronyms
Compliance index