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  • External complaints avenues for international students
    Overseas Students Ombudsman: With the launch of Australia’s first National Strategy for International Education and increasing international student numbers, it is timely to assess whether the current system of external complaint and appeal bodies meets the needs of international students and the sector.
  • External complaint avenues for international students - Discussion paper
    Overseas Students Ombudsman: This discussion paper summarises the current external complaint avenues for international students with a view to generating discussion on whether the current system best serves the needs of international students and the international education sector
  • Problems with written agreements between overseas students and registered education providers
    Overseas Students Ombudsman: After investigating complaints we sometimes determine that a written agreement is not compliant with legal requirements and recommend that the provider pay a refund or cease pursuing a student for outstanding fees. This has a financial impact for the education provider. When a written agreement is non-compliant, unclear or poorly written, it can also be difficult for overseas students to understand their rights and responsibilities.

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