Commonwealth Fact Sheets

  • Principles for good practice in responding to coronial recommendations - This fact sheet sets out principles and steps for agencies to follow when responding to coronial recommendations.
  • Ombudsman Investigations - An overview of the Ombudsman’s powers, investigations processes, recommendations, remedies and remedial actions, and working cooperatively with the Ombudsman’s office.
  • Providing remedies - Explains the remedies that can be provided for poor administration by Australian Government agencies to assist agencies to identify and provide an appropriate remedy for a person who has suffered disadvantage as a consequence of poor administrative practice.
  • Use of interpreters - This fact sheet sets out eight best practice principles for Australian government agencies when using interpreters.
  • Ten principles for good administration - The Ombudsman prepared a series of reports between 2005 and 2007 following our investigation of 247 cases of immigration detention. The reports detailed the administrative problems and errors that were uncovered during the investigations, and culminated with a report providing ten principles for good administration.
  • Complaint handling: Outsourcing - Government functions are often delivered to the public by private sector organisations. his fact sheet outlines the steps that government agencies and the organisations providing a service must take to ensure proper complaint handling arrangements are in place for outsourced services.
  • Complaint handling: multiple agencies - Many government services involve two or more Australian government agencies administering a single program, such as airports where police, customs and immigration officials are present. This fact sheet highlights areas that agencies should consider when faced with complaints about any multi-agency program.
  • Unreasonable complainant conduct - Based on the Better practice guide to managing unreasonable complainant conduct, this fact sheet sets out the principles for dealing with unreasonable conduct by complainants.
  • Compensation for detriment caused by defective administration - This fact sheet sets out best practice principles for agencies to follow when dealing with CDDA claims.
  • Dealing with ASIC's regulatory decisions - This factsheet outlines the Ombudsman’s Office approach to dealing with ASIC’s regulatory decisions.


  • Citizenship and Visa Delays Fact Sheet - This factsheet explains what to do if you have a complaint about your visa or citizenship application with the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs).

Overseas Students

Private Health Insurance

VET Student Loans

  • How we can help you with your VET loan debt complaint - This fact sheet explains how we can help you, the student, with your complaint about your vocational education and training (VET) provider. It also explains what you need to do before contacting us.
  • How to raise a complaint - If you have a complaint about your VET FEE-HELP or VET Student Loans provider, you may be able to lodge your complaint with us. Read this fact sheet first to see how to raise a complaint with your provider and with our Office.
  • Complaints about providers subject to legal action in the Federal Court - If you have a complaint about a VET FEE-HELP debt with Phoenix Institute of Australia Pty Ltd (Phoenix), Cornerstone Investment Aust Pty Ltd (Empower), Australian Institute of Professional Education (AIPE) or Unique International College (Unique), they are currently the subject of legal action in the Federal Court of Australia.
  • Provider closures and tuition assurance - This factsheet helps you, the student, understand what to expect and what to do if your VET FEE-HELP or VET Student Loans provider closes or discontinues your course.