Seeking information

Check out our Information Publication Scheme to know what information you can get about our Office.

If you want to know about your complaint, we can share information with a person who:

  • has made a complaint to us, or
  • is acting on behalf of someone else.

The types of information we can share include:

  • correspondence to the Office received from the person making the complaint
  • correspondence to them from our Office.
  • records of telephone and personal discussions involving them, unless those records contain sensitive information. In this case, non-sensitive portions may be disclosed.
  • other documents—such as copies of correspondence between themselves and the agency, which relates to their complaint—where we are satisfied that the person would have already seen them.
  • some documents created when we have assessed a complaint of abuse in Defence.

For other things, you may need to submit a formal Freedom of Information (FOI) request.