Private Postal Operator registration form

Download the registration form, complete, and mail, fax or email the form to the PIO at the details provided on the form.

Registering with the Postal Industry Ombudsman means that:

  • Your customers will be able to make complaints to the PIO about actions you take in relation to the provision of postal or similar services. This includes actions taken by your contractors and subcontractors.
  • The PIO will be able to conduct investigations into these complaints.
  • The PIO may report to you if your business is found to have acted wrongly and some form of remedial action should, in the Ombudsman's opinion, be taken. The Ombudsman is required by law to provide a copy of any such report to the relevant Minister, who may in certain circumstances table it in Parliament.
  • You may de-register from the scheme at any time. However, the PIO can investigate complaints about actions that occurred in the 12 months prior to de-registration.