How we can help

Our role is to help resolve complaints, which we can do in many different ways. Our service is free and we are independent.

Our Office does not make a fresh decision, rather we consider the way a decision is made and make recommendations on how the decision or process could be enhanced.

As is the case, it is often in the best interests of a person complaining to contact the agency first, before contacting our Office. Agencies are often best placed to address your complaint within a timely manner, and this also gives the agency an opportunity to review its decision or make a decision if one has not already been made.

The Ombudsman is the oversight body when it comes to your complaint. We can assist to resolve your complaint by investigating the process if the agency does not change their decision or offer a better explanation of the decision.

We will help you to make a complaint to the agency the complaint is about.

In every case, we will tell you that you can come back to us with your complaint if you are not satisfied with the result.

We also receive complaints that we do not have the power to assist with. For these cases we will refer you to the right complaint-handling body, for them to help resolve your complaint.