Australian Federal Police

The Ombudsman is also the Law Enforcement Ombudsman and can investigate complaints about the actions of AFP members and about the policies, practices and procedures of the AFP as an agency.

Anyone can make a complaint about the AFP, but we ask you to try to resolve your concerns with the AFP before you make a complaint to the Law Enforcement Ombudsman.

AFP Professional Standards (PRS) is responsible for the oversight and investigation of complaints about the actions of AFP members. PRS will either consider the matter itself or allocate less serious matters to a Complaint Management Team.

If you remain dissatisfied after making a complaint to the AFP, then you can make a complaint to the Ombudsman.

You can complain about the conduct or actions of individual AFP members; or the policies or procedures of the AFP as an agency.

You can complain by letter, telephone, fax, in person or online.

If you don't speak English very well the Ombudsman's office can arrange for an interpreter. There are procedures for prisoners or people in custody to communicate confidentially with the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman reports to the Parliament, at least annually, on the comprehensiveness and adequacy of the AFP's complaint handling.

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