Working with others

Working with the Indigenous Community

The Ombudsman's Office is committed to continuing to engage with Indigenous people and communities across Australia, to ensure complaints services are accessible. We conduct regular outreach to engage with Indigenous communities and stakeholders who work closely with Indigenous people to ensure our services are accessible to all Indigenous Australians. We have a dedicated telephone number 1800 060 789 for Indigenous people to contact us on.

We have published a number of Investigation Reports and media releases that relate to the administration of programmes impacting on Indigenous Australians.

Information Posters and Brochures

We have a poster and brochure available to assist Indigenous people who wish to make a complaint to our office. You are welcome to print the Poster or Brochure directly from these links, or request us to send you some.

Reconciliation Action Plan

A vital part of our commitment to improve communication and engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities across Australia is our adoption of Reconciliation Action Plan. You can find the document here Ombudsman RAP

International program

The International Program promotes international, engagement, liaison and best practice in the pursuit of good governance within our region. The Commonwealth Ombudsman and staff are regular and active participants within the national and international community of ombudsmen. We share our experience in handling complaints about government agencies and fostering good public administration with various countries within the Asia - Pacific Region. This approach helps also to maintain the Commonwealth Ombudsman's own currency and professionalism.

Our international program is funded by AusAID, and has three main streams.