Private education providers

The Overseas Students Ombudsman is a specialist function of the Commonwealth Ombudsman

The Ombudsman Act 1976 was amended in 2011 to give the role of the Overseas Students Ombudsman to the Commonwealth Ombudsman. The function commenced in April 2011.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman can investigate complaints about problems that intending, current or former international students may have with private schools, colleges or universities (education providers) in Australia.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman also provides information about best practice complaint-handling to help private education providers manage internal complaints effectively and publish reports on problems and broader issues in international education identified through investigations.

The Ombudsman:

- provides a free service
- is independent and impartial and does not represent either international students or private education providers
- can make recommendations arising from investigations.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman can investigate complaints from international students about private education providers in Australia