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Notification forms

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 requires that agencies notify the Ombudsman of an allocation of a disclosure, and whenever it makes a decision not to investigate a disclosure, or to stop investigating a disclosure.
Where an investigation cannot be completed within 90 days of allocation, agencies can request the Ombudsman grant an extension time to carry out a PID investigation. Forms are provided to facilitate these notifications and requests:

  • Notification of allocation (Word)
  • Notification of decision not to investigate (Word)
  • Request for extension of time (Word)
  • Email completed notification forms to


The Ombudsman's report into the operation of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 - Extract from the Commonwealth Ombudsman's 2013-14 Annual Report.

A full copy of the Ombudsman's 2013-14 Annual Report is available from our Publications and Media page.


Commonwealth Ombudsman guides and information sheets explain the PID system, set out the obligations of agencies and suggest best practice for handling public interest disclosures.

PID Logo

Government agencies, Commonwealth companies and public authorities are encouraged to use the universal, easily identifiable PID logo as a link on their internal and external websites to facilitate agencies' PID policies and procedures. The graphics are available in various formats for download:

PID Posters

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has developed a set of posters for agencies to use as a part of awareness raising and promotion of the PID scheme.

Three posters are available to download in A2 and A3 size (with crop marks for professional printing) and A4 (without crop marks for regular printing). Space is provided at the bottom of each poster for agencies to add their own information, for example where to locate PID procedures and how to contact an authorised officer.

A2 size Poster design 1 Poster design 2 Poster design 3
A3 size Poster design 1 Poster design 2 Poster design 3
A4 sizePoster design 1 Poster design 2 Poster design 3

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act) came into operation in January 2014 to encourage public officials to disclose suspected wrongdoing in the Commonwealth public sector.