Public Interest Disclosure

Public Interest Disclosure (PID) scheme

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (PID Act) is the legislation underpinning the Australian Government’s Public Interest Disclosure (PID) scheme to encourage public officials to report suspected wrongdoing in the Australian public sector. The PID Act offers protection to ‘whistleblowers’ from reprisal action. The protection applies to public officials who disclose suspected illegal conduct, corruption, maladministration, abuses of public trust, deception relating to scientific research, wastage of public money, unreasonable danger to health or safety, danger to the environment or abuse of position or conduct which may be grounds for disciplinary action. The Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman is responsible for promoting awareness and understanding of the PID Act and monitoring its operation; as well as providing guidance, information and resources about making, managing and responding to disclosures.

The Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman has released a new guide for agencies to use in assessing and managing the risk of reprisal. The guide can be found here.

You can view our privacy statement relating to our PID function here.

We will be holding a forum for Authorised Officers in March 2018. Authorised Officers wishing to attend may contact our PID Team on (02) 6276 3777

Overview of the Public Interest Disclosure (PID) scheme

Internal Reporting Process (internal PID). Agencies have responsibility for: - Receiving internals PIDS - Ensuring authorized officer are accessible

For further information or assistance regarding the Public Interest Disclosure (PID), phone 02 6276 3777 or email