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Direct links to some of the larger Australian Government departments are provided below. The Australian Government Entry Point provides a full listing of Australian Government departments and agencies with information about their respective roles and responsibilities and links to their websites.

Industry sponsored Ombudsmen

  • Credit Ombudsman
    The Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL) is the external dispute resolution scheme for the non bank credit industry, approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
  • Employee Ombudsman (SA)
    Provides advice and assistance to South Australian employees.
  • Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW
    Provides an independent way of resolving customer complaints about all electricity and gas suppliers in New South Wales and some water suppliers.
  • Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) (EWOV)
    EWOV has the power to investigate and resolve disputes between Victorian consumers and their electricity, gas and water companies.
  • Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland
    Provides complaint investigation and dispute resolution services to residential and small business energy customers across Queensland and water customers in south east Queensland.
  • Energy and Water Industry Ombudsman SA
    Investigates and resolves disputes between South Australian electricity and gas customers and their providers.
  • Energy Ombudsman TAS
    Investigates and resolves disputes between Tasmanian energy customers and their providers.
  • Energy Ombudsman WA
    Investigates and facilitates the resolution of complaints from residential and small business customers in Western Australia about their electricity or gas company.
    Financial Ombudsman Service
    FOS is an independent External Dispute Resolution service which you can use if you are unable to resolve your dispute through your financial service provider's Internal Dispute Resolution process. FOS independent dispute resolution processes cover complaints about financial services including banking, credit, loans, general insurance, life insurance, financial planning, investments, stock broking, managed funds and pooled superannuation trusts.
  • Produce and Grocery Industry Ombudsman
    Resolves disputes over supply of fresh produce and processed foods to markets and retailers.
  • Public Transport Ombudsman VIC
    Deals with complaints about Victorian public transport that members of the community have been unable to resolve directly with the public transport operators.
  • Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
    An independent Tribunal set up by the Australian Government to deal with complaints about superannuation funds, annuities and deferred annuities, and Retirement Savings Accounts.
  • Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
    Deals with complaints that consumers have not been able to resolve with their telephone or internet company.

State and Territory Ombudsmen

You can make complaints about the actions or decisions of State or Territory governments by contacting your State or Territory Government Ombudsman or equivalent office holder in your State or Territory.

People with complaints about ACT Government agencies can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman who is also the ACT Ombudsman.

Students with a complaint about an education provider in South Australia can contact the Office of the Training Advocate, South Australia

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Ombudsman

Level 5, Childers Square, 14 Childers Street
Canberra City ACT 2601

Telephone: 1300 362 072

New South Wales Ombudsman

Level 24
580 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone: 02 9286 1000

Northern Territory Ombudsman

12th Floor, NT House
22 Mitchell Street
Darwin NT 0800

Telephone: 08 8999 1818

Queensland Ombudsman

Level 17
53 Albert Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Telephone: 07 3005 7000

South Australian Ombudsman

Level 5, East Wing
50 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Telephone: 08 8226 8699

South Australian Office of the Training Advocate

Ground Floor West
55 Currie Street, Adelaide

Telephone: 1800 006 488

Tasmanian Ombudsman

Ground Floor, 99 Bathurst Street
Hobart 7000

45 Cameron St
Launceston 7250

Telephone: 1800 001 170 (free call in Tasmania) or 1300 766 725 (cost of a local call anywhere in Australia)

Victorian Ombudsman

Level 9, 459 Collins Street (North Tower)
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Telephone: 03 9613 6222

Western Australian Ombudsman

Level 2, Albert Facey House
469 Wellington Street
Perth WA 6000

Telephone: 08 9220 7555

Ombudsman associations

Other complaint handling review agencies

In some cases, it may be more appropriate for your complaint to be investigated by the Privacy Commissioner who investigates complaints about breaches of privacy; the Australian Human Rights Commission which investigates complaints about discrimination because of race, sex or disability; or one of the other avenues of Australian government administrative review. Review bodies include the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Social Security Appeals Tribunal, the Veterans' Review Board, the Migration Review Tribunal and the Refugee Review Tribunal. Each of these agencies can review the merits of an agency's decision, and they also have the power to change a decision.

  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
    Provides independent review of a wide range of administrative decisions made by the Australian government and some non-government bodies.
  • Aged Care Complaints Resolution Scheme
    Investigates complaints about Australian Government-subsidised aged care services (including residential and community care services).
  • The Aged Care Commissioner
    Investigates complaints from people who believe they have been unfairly treated by the Aged Care Complaints Resolution Scheme.
  • Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity
    Investigates allegations of corruption in the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission, including abuse of office, conduct that perverts the course of justice, or corruption of any other kind.
  • Australian Human Rights Commission
    Investigates complaints of discrimination or breaches of human rights under federal laws.
  • Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security
    Investigates complaints about the actions/decisions of the organisations comprising the Australian intelligence community.
  • Inspector-General of Taxation
    Investigates complaints concerning tax administration action by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). NOTE: complaints concerning Freedom of Information or Public Interest Disclosure matters relating to the ATO and TPB remain the responsibility of the Commonwealth Ombudsman. Click here for further information.
  • Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal
    Provide an independent and final merits review of decisions made in relation to visas to travel to, enter or stay in Australia. The MRT reviews decisions made about general visas (such as visitor, student, partner, family, business, and skilled visas) and the RRT deals with decisions about protection (refugee) visas.
  • National Anti-Discrimination Information Gateway
    To assist individuals and businesses to navigate discrimination laws, this Gateway provides a snapshot of each anti-discrimination system including information about the grounds and areas of public life on which a complaint can be made in each jurisdiction.
  • Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
    Australia's central federal agency for freedom of information, privacy and information policy issues.
  • Privacy Commissioner
    Handles complaints from people who think their personal information, including health information, has been mishandled by an Australian or ACT Government agency or a private sector organisation.
  • Social Security Appeals Tribunal
    The tribunal is the first level of external review of decisions made by Centrelink about social security, family assistance, education or training payments. As of 1 January 2007, the tribunal is also the first level of external review of most decisions made by the Child Support Agency.
  • Veteran's Review Board
    An independent tribunal that exists to review decisions made by the Repatriation Commission under the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (Cth) and determinations under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (Cth).

International Ombudsmen