What we do

The Commonwealth Ombudsman deals with complaints about Commonwealth Government departments and agencies, and is also the Ombudsman for:

The Commonwealth Ombudsman is also responsible for:

Other information about the Commonwealth Ombudsman

  • What we do
    In  Australia, there is a Commonwealth Ombudsman as well as State and Territory ombudsman.
  • Legislation
    Laws that govern the activities of the Commonwealth Ombudsman
  • Current Ombudsman
    The Appointment of Mr Michael Manthorpe PSM to the role of Commonwealth Ombudsman was announced on 8 May 2017.
  • Organisation chart
    This chart shows the high level structure of the current office.
  • Our inspections role
    The Ombudsman has statutory responsibility for inspecting the records of law enforcement and other enforcement agencies in relation to the use of covert powers.
  • Service charter
    The Service Charter sets out the standards of service  you can expect from us.
  • Accountability and Reporting
    Information required for external reporting and accountability including administrative files, grants, expenditure on legal services, contracts, and conflicts of interest.
  • Corporate plan
    Commonwealth Ombudsman corporate plan.
  • Agency Multicultural Plan 2013-2015
    Commonwealth Ombudsman Multicultural Access and Equity Plan 2013-2015
  • Reconciliation Action Plan 2013-2015
    Commonwealth Ombudsman Reconciliation Action Plan 2013-2015
  • Workplace Diversity Program 2015-2018
    Commonwealth Ombudsman Workplace Diversity Program 2015-2018